Here we answer the most common questions

On the territory of Ukraine shipping is being held by the carrier company “Nova poshta”, overseas by company “Mist Express”

Delivery time

Order will be generated and transmitted to the carrier company within 3-14 days.

Is it necessarily to specify the time of delivery and that the responsibility for compliance with delivery times are the responsibility of the carrier company

Shipping cost

Delivery throughout Ukraine is free for the buyer and is paid by the seller.

Delivery is carried out before the department of the “Nova poshta” or by courier to the address specified on the buyer’s choice.

If the buyer does not take the parcel from the department of NP for more than 5 days, the parcel is returned to the warehouse and the procedure similar to as when you return is held.

Express delivery at the specified address is carried out from 9:00 to 18:00 during working days. Delivery is not performed on Saturday, Sunday and official holidays.

Conditions of Express delivery:

· a courier delivers the order to the specified address;

· calculation and transmission of the order by courier takes place indoors only;

· the courier advises the customer on technical or commercial matters;

· the courier does not perform any instructions of the customer;

→Overseas shipping proceeds at the buyer’s expense. When ordering, the buyer pays a fixed amount regardless of the shipping destination and order size in the amount of 1200 UAH. For this price, the seller agrees to arrange delivery at the address given by buyer through the carrier. Delivery is to the door. Amount does not include the cost of customs clearance order on the territory of the country of the buyer. The buyer agrees to pay the cost of customs clearance, the amount of which is determined by the legislation of the country of the buyer.

Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer at the time of payment of the order value (full pre-payment at the time of ordering).

Also the buyer can independently pick up the order at the showroom (Lviv, Valova,2 street), pre-mentioned  it in order.


1. The order is accepted only after payment. Payment is made in national currency of Ukraine – UAH.

2. The payment can be done in two ways:

– By card through the payment system;

– Bank transfer to account;

3. Converting currency when you pay with a card is in accordance with the conditions of the Bank cardholder.


The return of the goods is carried out only on the territory of Ukraine

In order to register the return of goods to Ukraine you need to:

1. To enter an item quantity that is returned in the column “Quantity” and the code the reason for the return in the column “Reason”. Return reason codes are  specified in the consignment note.

2. To pack returned goods, and put in packing waybill seals, shortcuts and labels that apply to the product.

3. Return it to any convenient for the buyer way.

Date and ways of return

1. After receipt of the return to the warehouse, up to 3 working days , the conformity checking with all specified return rules described below is held.

2. After checking the return, the funds will be returned to the account within 10 days. When you return the goods to the buyer’s account, cash returns minus shipping cost both ways.

In case of return of goods through deficiency or inconsistency with the order all costs associated with the transportation and delivery of items takes the seller.

The conditions under which the return is not possible:

1. After 14 days of its receipt;

2. If there is no invoice with indication of the reason for the return. In the case if the invoice is not preserved, you can always print it on the website in the list of orders.

3. If equipment return is not complete: the absence of the packaging in which the product was delivered, label.

4. If these products were in use.

5. Non-refundable goods, the list of which is determined by the order Of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 172 of 19.03.1994.


If you have any specific questions related to design return − don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will do our effort to provide you with comprehensive information and the necessary assistance.